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What should one look for when buying a snowboard? by PerryRObray
Things to look for when buying a snowboard Most important features: What most people want to keep in mind is body weight, footbed length, current ability, hopeful future progression, terrain, snow conditions at area/s, etc.... A great tech/ sales ...
The evolution of snowboards by PerryRObray
Here is a rough draft of how mostly Burton and Lib-Tech (Mervin manufacturing) have gotten huge recognition in the area of snowboard equipment progression. There are many more companies that most likely were very innovative also, feel free to add ...

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Looking on ebay you might get 300 for it
by Cmb - 3 days ago
yes hes gay
by mobby dick - 5 days ago
Please post your reel for sale in the Classifieds forum by clicking on the link and using the "Ask Your Question" <email> /gear/Once you have done that, ...
by Vale - 1 week ago
Hi I love my clickers my only issue is they have quit making them I have been riding for 20plus years on my clickers and the only time I ever had an issue was with the boot it was faulty ...
by FerryGirl - 1 week ago
My experience with hard carving toe side turns shows that those binding straps completely covering the toes cause severe issues in regard to overhang. This type of toe straps can have ...
by PerryRObray - 1 week ago
Endless Youth has several brand new 2017 snowboards for sale. Brands: Yes, Never Summer, Rome and Arbor
by EndlessYouth - 2 weeks ago

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