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How to reduce overhang by PerryRObray
Heel and toe overhang is kinda subjective at times. With overhang, there might be a possibility of edge lift on solid ice bumps around 1-2 feet or more deep/high, and it may cause some edge lift under aggressive carving. Some people prefer zero overhang, some might see slight overhang as perfect for carving/edge to edge control. Actual riding will tell. If on very solid ice, a very cautious ...

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I know a few people have asked about these so... I have a pair of the bindings and boots (size 12) available with all hardware. Message me on this site if you are interested. ...
by Nitrorider757 - 1 day ago
Stance width can effect many things. Edge control, spinning, aerodynamics, low speed stability, ect.. Edge hold can vary from board design to board design. Some boards may hold a better ...
by PerryRObray - 3 days ago
Putting "heel and toe overhang" at minimum in the search function(upper right area of the website) here will yield significant information.
by PerryRObray - 1 week ago
I just won one of these boards In a costume contest anyone know how much they are worth
by Charlie - 1 week ago
just move the decimal place one over ex. 25.6 cm =256mm and 262 mm =26.2 cm
by uilo - 1 week ago
by alex - 2 weeks ago
Guessing board width, length of boots from heel to toe, and binding stance have much more to do with overhang than the actual binding.
by PerryRObray - 2 weeks ago
Sold it last winter , sorry boys!
by Blud22 - 2 weeks ago
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