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Should you buy a used snowboard for a child who is just beginning to ride? by PerryRObray
I could almost write a pamphlet about all the different variables. Athlete ability, vicinity of experience, anticipated skills progression, budget, etc... For the first hour or so, the best case scenario probably calls for a full blown freestyle ...
Snowboard lingo by davebawx
It's time to list all the snowboard (or extreme culture in general) lingo so that everyone sounds positively neanderthal on the slopes, or at least in the forums. Personally, I use board lingo whenever I can so everyone knows how cool I am/can be. ...
How to reduce overhang by PerryRObray

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www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/squaw-valley-ski-holdings-llc-reaches-agreement-allowing-base-to-base-gondola-connection-between-squaw-valley-and-alpine-meadows-300064521.html This ...
by PerryRObray - 2 days ago
It is easy to see the evolution in cars since it was invented. Same with many other human inventions. Snowboards are relatively new. Can you point most dominant changes in the snowboards ...
by jade - 4 days ago
by PerryRObray - 4 days ago
youtu.be/OsYG5emdZp8 Interesting video on how humans can possibly effect precipitation in western U.S.A.
by PerryRObray - 1 week ago
255 is the narrowist
by Tim - 1 week ago
www.gizmag.com/review-dominator-pro-electric-skateboard/36845/?utm_source=Gizmag+Subscribers&utm_campaign=42c60ac3b9-UA-2235360-4&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_65b67362bd-42c60ac3b9-90276066 ...
by PerryRObray - 1 week ago
tahoeskibum.com/2015/04/06/season-pass-guide-1516/ With over 10 resorts at the Tahoe area, there are lots of options for lift experiences.
by PerryRObray - 1 week ago
Maybe a very fine(400-1000 grit?) sandpaper to roughen up the old paint to feather into the old paint.
by PerryRObray - 1 week ago
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