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The evolution of snowboards by PerryRObray
Here is a rough draft of how mostly Burton and Lib-Tech (Melvin manufacturing) have gotten huge recognition in the area of snowboard equipment progression. There are many more companies that most likely were very innovative also, feel free to add ...
Should you buy a used snowboard for a child who is just beginning to ride? by PerryRObray
I could almost write a pamphlet about all the different variables. Athlete ability, vicinity of experience, anticipated skills progression, budget, etc... For the first hour or so, the best case scenario probably calls for a full blown freestyle ...
Snowboard lingo by davebawx

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I found these on ebay in an L and want to know if a 10.5 burton slx boot would fit these before I buy them. You said you were downsizing and that's why you sold these. Thanks.
by Peter - 1 day ago
I Have some really great gear left over from last season. GREAT prices check the link below cnj.craigslist.org/spo/4968640609.html
by Guest - 1 day ago
thanks :)
by Vale - 1 day ago
Maybe a shop that does Burton can give you an answer.
by PerryRObray - 2 days ago
by PerryRObray - 4 days ago
youtu.be/OsYG5emdZp8 Interesting link claiming the federal government can and does dissipate low pressure systems above the Pacific Ocean causing drought on the west coast of the United ...
by PerryRObray - 1 week ago
www.extremeforum.net/find-deals/ This forum might get you some more results.
by PerryRObray - 1 week ago
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