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What should one look for when buying a snowboard? by PerryRObray
Things to look for when buying a snowboard Most important features: What most people want to keep in mind is body weight, footbed length, current ability, hopeful future progression, terrain, snow conditions at area/s, etc.... A great tech/ sales ...
The evolution of snowboards by PerryRObray
Here is a rough draft of how mostly Burton and Lib-Tech (Mervin manufacturing) have gotten huge recognition in the area of snowboard equipment progression. There are many more companies that most likely were very innovative also, feel free to add ...

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Thank you very much!! I will check them out.
by Beer - 6 minutes ago
A lot of bindings allow centering of the boot. Otherwise, moving the binding forwards and backwards in relation to the heel and toes. This might solve any issues.
by PerryRObray - 15 hours ago
Burton, K2, Lib-Tech are companies with good board selection navigation on their websites.
by PerryRObray - 4 days ago
The building is at about 10K foot elevation level. The loading to the resort starts at about 6200 feet elevation. It rains a lot at 6200 during el nino type seasons like this one. Haha
by PerryRObray - 6 days ago
Homewood resort at Tahoe is supposed to have stunning views too. Homewood needs deep snow down to about 4K-5K foot elevation to be better apparently.
by PerryRObray - 6 days ago
Your board might be warped, as almost all of mine that I don't use are. If you have traditional camber, turn board upside down. Look at it length wise, easier if a contrasting color is on ...
by PerryRObray - 1 week ago
Thanks for the feedback. The board had sold by the time I contacted the seller - I think I'll save up and get a new one ;)
by Jarrod - 1 week ago

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