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You should add full pic. That's the one. Very few made and I was involved in production. It was the first 3 color process board at K-2. Coloring way before the time mid 1995 if I remember right mine is still posted for 5k. That's how much I like and in new condition. Yours is a great deal for 1k if not used only about 1000 made.
Just a little history on the board from a production supvisor at the time K-2 was location was Vason Island and we had pride of the made in the USA
stand as us 700 plus works had pride. We almost all skied on days off from work as well.
Mike K-2 days

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Thx. mike I saved for months to get her in 96 at snowboard connection in Seattle. learned to ride on herat Snoqualmie for 1 season. Then retired her to my wall. Well made board . Can u tell what number she is by numbers on rail?

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