How can i sell my snowboard and gear? all brand new,used for...
how can i sell my snowboard and gear? all brand new,used for less than a day on the kiddie slopes.
by Guest
Entering Alpine Racing - gear questions
I've been a member of our high school Alpine Racing team for a couple of years, though I missed most of the first due to injury. This last year however, I was able to compete the whole year, and I ...
by darkforged
Protection gear for previously dislocated shoulder
Does anyone know where I may be able to find a vest with protective shoulder pads? I`ve dislocated a shoulder two years ago and skipped last snowboarding season while rebuilding the shoulder. I ...
by Egkephalos
Good Gear for Begginers
... ards but Im looking into actually (and finally) getting one. Anybody have any advice on some decent gear to get. The style I will most likely be doing is Freeride (with some free style thrown in but ...
by mearsorama
Toddler Gear
I am trying to find gear small enough for my two year old to use... this will be her first season.. she has awsome balance(learnt to walk at 10months old)I cannot find boots small enough to fit a ...
by asomerton
What is the best way to sell all this stuff. Anyone interested here? Tons of great gear. here is a link of pictures and prices of all my stuff. what do think? Good prices? anyone interested?
by bdog
Boards and gear
What type and brand of snowboards do you guys prefer to use and why? What about snowboarding gear? Tara Share what you know. Learn what you don't.
by panamared73
Get free snowboard gear from Rossignol!
... s been posted and I figured I would share this with everyone. It's an easy way to get free snowoard gear. Rossignol is giving away free ski and snowboarding gear if you use a Rossignol Google ...
by kali3
Selling your snowboard gear
Hi, There is a new website ........ It was set up so people can sell their gear in their local ski towns. Supports local transactions and allows for face to face selling and buying. Avoids ...
by localskigear
Win free Snowboard gear from Flow!
This is a pretty cool promo Flow Snowboards is having where you can win free ski & snowboard gear: Flow Snowboards is giving away free boards, clothing ...
by kali3
Hey i wanna sell my snowboard and gear its a size 140 and it...
hey i wanna sell my snowboard and gear its a size 140 and it was only used once at sunrise.
by Guest
Dub weather gear in SF Bay Area?
Check Wintersport Warehouse in Santa Clara. They had a lot of Dub items at the start of the season, can't say what they still have, though. 891 Laurelwood Rd Ste ...
by alpine420
Gear for sale!!! (UK)
Hi folks, I have a few bits of 98/99 season gear for sale: Ride Preston LX strap bindings (Large) £30 Salomon Dialogue Sensifit soft boots (UK 12, Red/Grey) £70 {These are FANTASTIC boots, the only ...
by ODB
does anyone want to buy it the brand is R.I.D.E its made for mountain riding its 168 in length and i am looking for like 700-800 $ for it i bought it for 915 and its also fairly new i have only rode ...
by creighton123
Snokart vs Dakine for transporting gear
I have heard a bunch of good stuff about Dakine, but nothing about Snokart, I suppose because they are newer - Anyway, recommendation about either are welcome
by Willie
How do i post a ad to sell snowboard gear on here?
how do i post a ad to sell snowboard gear on here?
Promotional snowboard gear with price $40 from China
Dear Sir, This is Jack of Health sports say hello to you
by Jack
Impact gear
Hi all, I was just wondering how many of you guys wear safety gear. i wear a helmet, wrist guards, impact shorts and knee pads. im 34 years old and as im getting older i noticed it takes me a ...
by adam8642
New/Budget Riders in Northeast - cheap gear
... and/or just getting into riding. I was in a TJ Maxx store yesterday and found they had some quality gear for cheap. Waterproof Kombi mitts/gloves for $15, Grandoes ...
by refunk
I Have some really great gear left over from last season. GREAT prices chec...
I Have some really great gear left over from last season. GREAT prices check the link below
by Guest
Snow board and gear for sale.....
I do have, snowboard and gear for sale. I do have more pictures as well, i will have to sent them to the buyer when inserted. snowboard is a 163cm snow jam all terrain/mountain wide snow board, I do ...
Salomon Gear for Sale
Appraised at a value of $400 by in store board experts at the Boulder, CO Ski Deals store. For sale at $360 for the board and accessory set, and shipping is not free. Locals can pick up the board ...
by Salomon Gear for Sale
Brand new gear for sale- Hail-R, Mission, Hi-Fi II
Only opened once to see how they looked. Never got around to utilizing them. New computer is more logical choice. Looking to sell at full price!
by tjoners
This years gear?
anybody get any new gear this year to keep them warm and moving on the mountain? i gripped a set of 2010 gnu streets 2010 lib tech skatebanana some "kombi" winter mits and a set of "drop" mitts to ...
by Josh Pie, Esq.
Snowboard magazine gear picks Must be a cool job to evaluate all that swag.
by PerryRObray
Size 11 boots on a 250 width board? 1inch overhang
Hello all, I'm new to snowboarding, it's my second year, and I just bought all my gear. I wasn't really paying attention to board width when I bought my board, just length and I ended up buying a ...
by BurtonBlunt420
How much over hang is to much overhang? I have just bought m...
How much over hang is to much overhang? I have just bought myself some gear. I have about an inch and a half in the back and quite a bit less in the front. Do you think its going to be a problem? I ...
by Guest
Confused about Switch step-ins
I am looking for a new pair of boots, and I have some old Switch step-ins. I haven`t been snowboarding much in the past few years and have lost touch with the hardware. My Switch bindings were ...
by Ganja38c
Re: Does this sounds like a board worth buying? The above link states the weight of the rider should be 140 to 200 lbs. How is your feet going to fit (toe and heel overhang is ...
by PerryRObray
The evolution of snowboards
Great post! It's interesting how snowboarding gear has changed over the years!
by Vale
Re: Is a 258 mm waist big enough for size 15 boots?
The answer is probably complicated... It will depend on your stance but the short answer is probably "It will have to do". I'm not sure you can get boards with a much bigger waist than 260mm ...
by EuroSnowboarder
Ride Yukon 168 - Is this a good board?
Hi I am finally able to buy my own gear and would like some advice on what to get. Since I like trying everything the mountain has to offer, the guys in the store suggested that I get a Ride Yukon ...
by Russel
Re: Where do you find Burton Factory outlet in Burlington?
source 80 Industrial Parkway Burlington , Vermont 05401 <phone> view web site ›'s insider take: ...
by PerryRObray
Could a size 13(US) ride a regular board?
I'm looking at getting back in to snowboarding this season, and looking for a snowboard, but I don't particularly want to buy a wide board because of less manouverability. Is there any way I can ...
by alexpirpiris
Re: My son has size 17 Big Foot boots,what brand of bindings and...
PerryRObray wrote: Some snowboard manufacturers have wider boards in the lineup. These seem to be more freestyle or powder orientated. Lib Tech snowboards historically can be huge. Looking at a
by Josh Pie, Esq.
Snowboard lingo
It's time to list all the snowboard (or extreme culture in general) lingo so that everyone sounds positively neanderthal on the slopes, or at least in the forums. Personally, I use board lingo ...
by davebawx
Boarding gone Ape
I consider myself pretty lucky being able to ski and snowboard at home anytime of the year. Having my own ski deck in a converted garage that is now a ski and snowboard academy called ...
by SnoZone
Re: Quick release Burton bindings strap (Speed zone?)
... ou out with any info :blush: I hope Perry will see this because he is rather knowledgeable on all gear ...
by breezz
When was the last clicker boots made?
I recently lost all my gear (it was stolen not lost) on a trip to the Nth Island New Zealand and was considering replacing the old K2 clickers I had on my Nidecker board. Anyone know of new old stock ...
by Dodge67
Re: Do you buy used snowboards? And how much money would i get from selling my ...
... a snowboard is worth. Below are 2 links where you might get a buyer. ...
by PerryRObray

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