Lake Tahoe VS Colorado
I would like some input from riders who have ridden in both Lake Tahoe and Colorado (Specifically summit county area). What is better? Who has better/more snow? How do the resorts compare to one ...
by kopplj92
Lake Tahoe area pow
What do you think of the huge volume of snow in Feb., and hopefully for awhile? I myself may hit the backcountry very soon.
by PerryRObray
Everybody likes Lake Mammoth...
Amazing, Till I started this website I never figured out how many people just love Mammoth Lake for snowboarding. Personally it is my favorite and I was just browsing around on some profiles and the ...
by maTT
Bargain resort in North Lake Tahoe Area
Simply put, I'm looking for a good, economical place to snowboard at in the North Lake Area of Tahoe. I've hit Squaw and Northstar. I like them both, but they are expensive. Alpine Meadows has $50 ...
by s3a0tt3r
Lake Tahoe wintersports website
Here is a website about Lake Tahoe that includes a section on winter sports. There are various pages on individual resorts in the area, weather, road conditions and more. There is also a weekly email ...
by PerryRObray
Need recommendation for snowboard lesson in Lake Tahoe area
Never snowboard before, but really want to pick it up this Christmas. Any recommendation on which resort in Lake Tahoe area has the best snowboarding lesson for beginner?
by amnotrec
Just returned from Mammoth lake
I just returned from several days on Mammoth and it was so great :-) Can't stop working on my style on the half pipe :woohoo:
by maTT
Heavenly Lake Tahoe is making snow
Below is from Heavenly's Facebook at approx. 3p.m. 10/27/2009 Heavenly Fires Up West Coast’s Largest Snowmaking System Super-cold temperatures, both last night and in the forecast, have allowed us ...
by PerryRObray
Lake tahoe? rent a car or take shuttle from Reno?
For those of you who have been to Lake Tahoe during the winter.. would we be better off renting an SUV (250 for the week) or taking the shuttle bus from Reno airport (2ppl=60 Roundtrip) We will ...
by Remco
Do I need chains on the wheels in Salt Lake City area mounta...
Do I need chains on the wheels in Salt Lake City area mountains? I will be going out there to board Brighton and Snowboard, and was wondering what car to rent.
by Guest
Lake Tahoe Lift Passes
Does any one know if there is a lift pass that covers all the 6 South Tahoe resorts - Heavenly, Northstar etc, and if so, how much is it for 10 days?? John Mc mc not mac to reply
by shadygrove01
Beginner `backcountry` in North Lake Tahoe?
Hey folks. I`ve been riding for four years and I moved up to North Lake Tahoe this winter. I finally overcame my fear of the trees one fine powder day and spent the whole time off-piste... what a ...
by jadenjahner
Snowing in South Lake Tahoe now.
Snowing in South Lake Tahoe now.
by PerryRObray
Which Resort in North Lake Tahoe to Learn How to Snowboard?
I'm heading up to North Lake Tahoe to do some skiing and to learn how to snowboard. Which resort would be the best to learn how to snowboard -- Sugarbowl, Northstar, Boreal, Donner, and Sierra? Since ...
by Chris
Cheap Long term accommodation rental in lake tahoe
does anyone know of any Cheap Long term accommodation rental in lake tahoe?????? for 6 months... 2 - 3 people..
by gichie
Update to Heavenly's (Lake Tahoe,California/N evada, U.S.A.) new lodge 10/15/2010 update video.
by PerryRObray
Salt Lake City or Big Sky Better First Week April?
I am heading out to the Rockies March 30-April 6 for spring skiing, and wonder whether I am more likely to find the best snow conditions in the Salt Lake City area or up in Big Sky (Montana) or ...
by Moonglider
Lake Tahoe area resort upgrades A brief overview of some changes at the Lake Tahoe area.
by PerryRObray
Mt. Rose resort, Reno, Nevada/Lake Tahoe area Interesting article published on a Lake Tahoe online newspaper. Mt. Rose faces the desert in the ...
by PerryRObray
Sugar Bowl resort, Lake Tahoe area, California, U.S.A. "Sugar Bowl enters this year with a feather under its cap from last season – being awarded the “Best Guest ...
by PerryRObray
Reality type TV show at South Lake Tahoe
by PerryRObray
Lake Tahoe, U.S.A. area resort opening dates Above 8K feet tends to be better at Heavenly ...
by PerryRObray
South Lake Tahoe
South Lake Tahoe. Picture taken from Heavenly resort. January 2017.
by PerryRObray
14 Lake Tahoe areas 2014/15 pass info 14 Lake Tahoe area resort's passes analyzed on one page.
by PerryRObray
Got snow at Lake Tahoe The link is a video most likely done above 8000 feet. Highest chair at Heavenly is listed at 1030 feet, with ...
by PerryRObray
Local frozen H2O event at South Lake Tahoe 2011 This was a kinda local event in December 2011 if I remember correctly.
by PerryRObray
Trekaroo analysis of Lake Tahoe area resorts for kids
... ly resorts around Lake Tahoe are. ...
by PerryRObray
Mtn biking at the Lake Tahoe area A brief overview of the seemingly endless options to mtn bike around Lake Tahoe, U.S.A.
by PerryRObray
Mountain bike riding at Lake Tahoe ...
by PerryRObray
Alpine Meadows, Lake Tahoe area, California, U.S.A. <email> !+Mail When ...
by PerryRObray
Lake Tahoe film festival This is a cool festival for alpine sports at minimum. It sold out the last 2 years. $22 December 12th 2009 Mont Bleu, South Lake Tahoe, NV January 23rd, 2010 ...
by PerryRObray
Free lift ticket to Kirkwood for showing another resorts pass, biking and hiking too
Lake Tahoe: Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority Who wants to go biking, skiing and/or hiking in the same weekend? Well Kirkwood Mountain Resort is open until Sunday and if anyone has a season pass from ...
by PerryRObray
Re: Is snowboarding like skateboarding
In all fairness I hardly know/do skating. My snowboarding in reality is very similar to my skating. The differences are mostly attributed to the fact that I have very little skating to compare my 700 ...
by PerryRObray
The evolution of snowboards
Pre mass internet use makes the older things harder to evaluate. Maybe contacting rip n Willies shop on Ski Run Blvd. in the city of South Lake Tahoe might get you some leads on Whitehouse ...
by PerryRObray
The World's Largest Indoor Ski Resort
A ski-resort isn't something you'd think would fit well in Metro Atlanta -- after all, Atlanta only gets one or two inches of snow a year. But one developer wants to build the world's largest ...
by Nellie
Re: Heavenly vs Mammoth
SKIING AND CONDITIONS: Mammoth is higher, has more and better lifts, is better laid out (less wasted time on flats, traversing, or access chairs), the weather is better (more sunshine) and the snow ...
by deadroses
Night skiing at Tahoe??????
Is there anywhere that offers night skiing around S. Lake Tahoe? We are flying into Reno and staying near Heavenly. With arriving in the early afternoon we are wanting to hit some snow as soon as ...
by frodo4
Re: Regular cloths iron for waxing a snowboard???
Icersports (spelling?) out of the North Lake Tahoe (Verdi Nv.?) area distributes products with teflon in them the last time I checked a few years ago. I could not find them on Google or MSN search ...
by PerryRObray
Re: What is the best stance for freestyle? my friend says that t...
Your stance is all about comfort and Im not talking about instant comfort because anytime that you change anything on your setup it will feel weird for example: new boots, bindings stance angles, and ...
by Proedgesnow
Western U.S.A. weather pattern for 2009/2010
10/14/2009 Who is this El Niño guy? And what will he do with our winter? By Adam Jensen <email> LAKE TAHOE — Predictions of an El ...
by PerryRObray

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