Snowboard Features For Terrain Park Vs. All Mountain


There are quite a few variables here. Rider skill level, rider priorities, what kind of snow conditions, board construction, etc....

I’m guessing stiffer tails ollie better. Neutral flexing boards are switch accommodating. Soft flexing decks butter easier. Soft decks have very good casual control on double black diamond moguls. Very light nose and tails spin easier. Stiffer tails complete turns easier without speed checking (skidding). Apparently hybrid rockers are more effortless in bottomless powder and are not as sketchy as a full rocker (reverse camber) on the harder surfaces.

Longer effective edge should be much more stable at higher speeds. Magna traction edges supposedly holds the ice better.

Most all terrain freestyle snowboards tend to have shorter nose and tail, plus a stiffer tail.

Lighter and stronger materials such as basalt, carbon, kevlar, etc. should give an added advantage. Everything else being equal, they should respond faster. Selection using these lighter and stronger materials will be very limited compared to other heavier materials. Also they tend to cost more.

Didn’t mean to information overload you. Have any questions, just ask.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Vale: There are so many variables :D I always like to try different boards when there are demo days at the mountain. I think that’s the best way to see which board feels best for the way you ride.
  • PerryRObray: The higher end boards that have zero or little fiberglass and rubber are very rare. Odds of finding one on a demo day probably aren’t to good.
    Companies such as oz, Tahoe lab, ect..., as far as I know use zero fiberglass and rubber. A company in Switzerland claims fiberglass under the bindings gives superior strength.
  • Vale: Thanks, I didn’t realize that!

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