Upcoming dec08/jan09 trip
when i hit stateside around end of nov, plan on hitting up gatlinburg tn. to have a few days to teach the wife the basics and get her comfortable with chairlifts(although i cant wait to see her come ...
by Pyriel
South America trip
... st post. How all y'all been. Tahoe sucks this year as you all may know and was thinking of taking a trip to South America. Any suggestions for Chile or Argentina. I speak english and spanish fairly ...
by norcallowlife
Park city trip
Thinking about heading out to Park City this year for my first taste of out-west riding. What are reasonably price hotels to stay at? and how late does the season last? thanks
by steveforse
I have booked my first snowboarding trip for new years, but ...
I have booked my first snowboarding trip for new years, but I have never been snow boarding before. I intend taking lessons before I go, and I was wondering how much practice you thought I needed ...
by Guest
Ok, heres the deal, me and 6 of my buddies (thats 7 in total) want to go to Whistler over march break and we want to do it fairly cheap... we have been looking at Skican packages and they seem to be ...
by badandy
Re: Help with K2 Clickers
HI.just came across this link browsing. I have used clicker system for as long as i can remember...came from a hard boot background back in the day but ride all styles , jumping. switch riding but in ...
by Pat In Scotland..
Re: Which boards would be good for boarding in glades and woods?
... our old one. I had a board that was priced origionally at $550. Im 100% a park/jib boarder. But one trip through a long glade dropped my board $150. ...
by Jdblax444
Skiing After a Broken Wrist?
I just broke my wrist snowboarding. I have a trip to Utah planned for January. I`m thinking about going on the trip anyway; except skiing instead of riding. I`m worried that I won`t have enough ...
by spcwrnglr
Re: Heavenly vs Mammoth
+ big mountain + excellent tree skiing, top to bottom + big, wide groomers (if you like that sort of thing) + casinos (if you like that sort of thing) + fabulous views - crowded lodges - ...
by Britneyspears
Re: Quickest Strap Binding (ENTRY/EXIT) ?
vs. step-in debate. You can search history for those and if you look at the market...straps won! (1) Why going from stepins to straps? I started with straps when I learned. Moved to clicker ...
by Stokes
Re: Snowboarding on acid!
... etty dope. I'm planning on bringing a bunch of acid weed and booze with me on my next snowboarding trip. And breezze ur friend who jumped off a bridge while on acid was probably an idiot. Theres ...
by k1009
Re: Edge Maintenance
... any sort of jibbing on boxes or rails it is very important to bevel your edges. It may save you a trip to the ER. If you are jibbing at all you already know this but in case you can't snowboard ...
by peach
When was the last clicker boots made?
I recently lost all my gear (it was stolen not lost) on a trip to the Nth Island New Zealand and was considering replacing the old K2 clickers I had on my Nidecker board. Anyone know of new old stock ...
by Dodge67
Re: Skiing Big Sky or Jackson Hole
... board in Chicago and points between. The train stops right in Whitefish. I have a slide show of a trip we took there last ...
by Britneyspears
Burton factory outlet
Has anyone out there ever been to the store in Burlington VT? If so, are the prices worth the trip there? I could make a trip out of it to Stowe, but just curious if the prices are that good
by runt
Re: What board do you ride
Norcallowlife, good luck with it. Where are you going to test it out? Planning a little trip or waiting for the weather to change in your region (I have no idea where that is :blush: )
by breezz
Board oxidation
Hi, Im new on this site. Im from Maryland and have been snowboarding for about 6 years, mainly at small local resorts. I have also gotten to go to Vermont a few times and Jackson Hole. Now on to ...
by rosspok1
Re: Anyone know about the 149cm gordon and smith Timber46 snowboard? I would li...
I bought a Gordon and Smith Timber 156 back in 2001in Colorado on a trip because it looked like a surfboard and I had to have it. It's a great board. I just got it out to ride this year and ...
by JenZen
Re: Vail, Breck, Copper...? Which is best for good skier and snowboarder? Pls Help :)
1. Vail - it doesnt place near or at the top every year in magazines by accident. The back bowls, blue sky basin, everything, its simply the best, and huge. 2. Breckenridge - Never been ...
by moondust809
Re: Opening Day!!!
Winter Park is in Colorado. You can visit our website at to see pictures or the ski area's website at Let us know if you ever come to ...
by kallen
Re: 153 cm Lib Tech Snowboard - Travis Rice Pro Model **FOR SALE**
That sounds amazing. I wish I could be there to shred that fresh powder. One day I'll take a snowboard trip to Tahoe!
by Laramie502
Re: When I step in and tighten the bindings they hurt badly my l...
I've already checked the inside of the boot and the liner but found nothing. It seems that the strap itself pushes in the boot. I have Atomic Kush boots, I used them 20 days only so, they are really ...
by János
Re: Lake tahoe? rent a car or take shuttle from Reno?
... by skiing or do some sight seeing, a car would be very helpful. An interesting day diversion is a trip to the North Shore by boat. I`ve always wanted to try this. Maybe this ...
by sueorrob
Re: Will be in Tahoe soon, and plan to rent my equipment from He...
If you rent at Capitola you will have to transport your equipment about 500 miles round trip to the City of South Lake Tahoe. If you know the exact days you will leave and return (hiway closures due ...
by PerryRObray
Re: Utah is my favorite
Holy ****, that looks awesome!!! Where is that? I love Winter Park for the trees, Vail for bowls only, and Whistler for everything! Early season(
by Rockin' Mary Jane
What size board? Help -
Hey'a I'm new to snowboarding and I am still picking up the basics. My first trip snowboarding was this year and I got a crappy rental... it was a heavy and crappy board! ... I want to buy my own ...
by AgeM24
Tremblant: Ski conditions late March?
Simple question, but I can`t seem to find the answer on the Web: I`m considering a trip to Tremblant the last week of March. I know what I could expect "Out West" in terms of conditions at that ...
by Absolut_Cheese
Hi everyone, I'm wanting to give my son a trip to Colorado to snowboard. I don't have a clue as to where the best place to go is. Any help would be great. Thanks
by kdolphin40
Re: New Polar Peak chair at Fernie Alpine Resort
its a gooder. cant wait for my trip to fernie. mayby in 2 weeks ill be out there hitting it
by Josh Pie, Esq.
Which kind of bindings/boots to go with this board?
... ve become extremely interested in getting into snowboarding since I last went on a school snowboard trip to a local resort/hill whatever you want to ...
by Crude
Re: Hey hows everyone doing
Hi Chris, good to hear you're preparing yourself so well for this trip. Preparations are half the fun? :P
by breezz
Re: Sayin hello
... e board) on Sat. And with my son on Sun. Alot of practice and time to do it. That's all I ask. Next trip out, I 'm ready to lose the padded shorts. Protec makes ...
by oldboarder
Re: Bad crashes / falls / injuries
My worst injury is as follows: I was getting progressively better at riding rails in the park. One day I was really feeling it as I was hitting consecutive rails in the rail yard at Winterpark. ...
by kopplj92
Re: Newbie
... t keystone and would love to check them out for sure...Who knows, if your able to , u should take a trip out to the east coast and meet up ...
by Jcuzz
Re: Lake Tahoe area pow
I will try to post some photos on future trips. I did a little trip in December, I will try to process and load them. Remind me if I forget in a few weeks.
by PerryRObray
Should i buy new board and bindings
wats up everyone? i bought a saloman sequences 160 and salomon bindings(large) last season. i got dc boots size 10 or 10 1/2. im like 6'0 and about 130lbs, i know tall skinny and lanky, it is wat ...
by rafakagus
Which Colorado mountains are must do's for riding? I am plan...
Which Colorado mountains are must do's for riding? I am planning a trip to around the end of January February. Also, what would the best place to stay as far as easy access to the recommended ...
by Guest
Winter Park Resort Colorado
For the best lodging in Winter Park and Grand County, Spend your next Snowboarding trip at Winter Park Resort or SolVista Basin. Condos/Townhomes, Homes, and Hotel Rooms. Lift tickets and ski ...
by pixelchic
Newbie needs advice please :)
... looking to buy my first board, in order to learn on in the UK before heading over for my first Ski trip next Jan (Can't wait!! :thumb-up: ) I am planning on ...
by Chimoni
Re: Nothern French Alps next weekend (10th Dec)
VAL THORENS. The Ski Club of Great Britain has a trip going there 11 Dec - 18 Dec. Are you familiar with the webcam website that shows pictures of current conditions all over the Alps? Before you buy.
by cleeve22

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