Remote control helicopter video of Breckenridge Dew Tour 12/17/2011 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) footage of the Dew tour.
by PerryRObray
Hi, I have a Sims Fader Brianna Banks LTD Vivid Video 155 collectors board ...
Hi, I have a Sims Fader Brianna Banks LTD Vivid Video 155 collectors board 2003. Never been used. Perfect condition. What is it worth?
by Guest
Heavenly pond skimming video
If the counter on the viewing of the video is any indication, looks like some of you like the video. Glad you enjoyed it!
by PerryRObray
FACEBOOK VIDEO CONTEST - WIN A NIGHT SEASON PASS! (Boreal,California ,U.S.A.) Lucky person who submits a snow dance video and gets picked, gets a pass.
by PerryRObray
Possiblility's Of Video
I'm wondering if you guys could program a video streaming/upload on the site. More options = more people :laugh: Of course a dedicated person like myself wouldn't care if we had video or no video. :P
by ClaytonElgin
Sweet video, shaun white
hey guys! anybody see this youtube video yet? it's insane then i was checking out the main site
by snowangel
Cool Video
This makes me want to use my GoPro more...
by mrtoddyrs
I present to you a kool video and some tricks.
The filming is done by HD Hero 2 in Camelback resort in pynsylvania,(sp?) he has been snowboarding for about 6 years
by Nick2s
My video channel at YouTube
I don't know if you will think they are cool, but here is the link to my YouTube short videos.
by PerryRObray
Camelback upstate resort Pennsylvania snowboarding video 2013
I am only snowboarding for 2nd season so i am very new to a activity, the entire trail trip is filmed from beginning to end without edits, let me know what you think. ...
by Nick2s
"world's first urine-controlled video game is installed in a London bar" Snowsport video game is controlled by peeing lol.
by PerryRObray
Hot Dawgs And Hand Rails 2011 Video Recap Look at the 2 inverted aerials at the brick wall and rail area.
by PerryRObray
Shake video I don't know if it is cool, definitely out of the norm.
by PerryRObray
Heavenly Valley Resort 09/10 video on vimeo
by PerryRObray
Terje Haakonsen video 1996
I just looked at this video "subject: haakonsen". Lots of vintage clips here documenting this awesome athlete who ripped before snowboarding was an olympic event.
by PerryRObray
Re: Is snowboarding like skateboarding
This website has a note that there is a data base error when I tried to load the video.
by PerryRObray
Re: Peach is New to the Snowboard Gang!
I have a video called White Book by Teton Gravity Research (TGR). Jeremy Jones is in it. Very entertaining and educational. I actually saw it first in an avalanche education class at a college.
by PerryRObray
Re: Starting Up New Boarding Company
hey im an expiranced park snowboarder and when you get that company started email me ill send a video too you when you reply. David
by davidvantslot
Are my feet too big for this snowboard?
... wboard on steep slope how big snowboard should i buy? Don't have any pictures so i'll just add an video ...
by snowboard8887746
Re: New DBX board
Haven't heard of this board, but BDX Sports designs and manufactures one of the lightest and most affordable "carbon composite" snowboards and skis on the market! If you go to ...
by David Summer
Re: Trouble approaching jumps
So many variables without looking at photos or video. 1. Equipment. Is your board flat? All snowboards I know of are supposed to be flat(not twisted) on the bottom. If not flat, catching edges can ...
by PerryRObray
Re: Frontside Boardslide
technically you can`t do an indy grab off the frontside wall of a halfpipe (it`s call a frontside air, it`s only called a indy air if you do it off the backside wall). Anyway, I`m just repeating ...
by Bobby-Digital
Re: Slowing down
... to side to slow down but then usually fall down, LOLHaving competent people watch you, and or using video to see what is causing the falling can be a first step to working on staying ...
by PerryRObray
Re: Two Way Radio's
Technicaly it is illegal to use 5 watts without a license. I also rode one of the fastest legal machines (legal speed limit in first gear probably on any road in the U.S.A. and it had 6 gears) in the ...
by PerryRObray
Re: Can you snowboard pregnant?
I've seen what looked like an 8 month pregnant lady surfing on a video. Some people don't want to even travel, ect... at that stage. Putting bindings on at minimum should be analyzed.
by PerryRObray
Re: 2012 Lib Tech Terminology C1 Banana Camber Combo Blend (C1BTX) A video about the Banana.
by PerryRObray
I can't figure out what year or model my burton board is. It's a 150 cm, tr...
I can't figure out what year or model my burton board is. It's a 150 cm, true twin with a design of what looks like a spaceship from an old school video game. Army green and earthly yellow. Anyone?
by Guest
Re: Red Bull butter cup competition I guess this is a recent video from Northstar. Northstar is relatively unique as most lift assisted resorts in the United States are on public property (the base ...
by PerryRObray
Re: Palmer TIMELESS video explaining the Palmer Timeless
by PerryRObray
Update to Heavenly's (Lake Tahoe,California/N evada, U.S.A.) new lodge 10/15/2010 update video.
by PerryRObray
Re: Do you have a Home Made Snowboard?
thanx i hope you have as much fun as i did on it feel free to repost the video else where, subscribe, coment and thumbs up the video. you can also message me on the video link
by chimpofm
Re: Media Links And Info Abou tSnowboard Events / Athletes
... Kirkwood in the spring time, extreme nationals are great also) are more entertaining. I have a few videos of park jams, and pond skimming. Here is a shortened video ...
by PerryRObray
Re: New lodge at Heavenly resort
by PerryRObray
Re: The Ski Area Citizens' Coalition Ski Area Environmental Report Card for 2011/12
... n't hear very well and find it easier to use ambient sound. This in the past, has been common in my videos. That Heavenly resort area has had another added trail leading to the city of South Lake ...
by PerryRObray
Re: Being a novice middle-aged snowboarder
I heavily recommend getting video of your riding if possible. This can be one of your best resources for movement analysis.
by PerryRObray
Re: Snowboarding films
What's the coolest trick you've ever seen pulled off in a video? My friend has the video where a guy does a mistyflip to a boardslide. Crazy ****!
by BurtonBlunt420
Re: Lake Tahoe area pow
... eek - conditions should be AWESOME! Keep checking for conditions updates and ...
by PerryRObray
Re: Towing
Hey, I do this alot. I did it in this video: the key is to hold on to the tow rope (at least 10 feet or more) with one hand so your body is sideways and ...
by davebawx
Re: Awesome new website for learning to snowboard
I looked at the beginner video on skating and stepping. Looks like a very good video for people to view. Some people may not realize what their body is doing while snowboarding. Video of the ...
by PerryRObray
Re: Riding using one binding
I think an airwalk was a trick where you rode 1-foot and grabbed the nose of the board and kicked your free foot out infront of you. there's no alternate trick names for 1-footed tricks, just the ...
by davebawx

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