Weather forecast for North America winter of 2011/12 I'm guessing green means precip, brown means sunshine. ...
by PerryRObray
Did winter come to where you live already?
It seems winter refuse to come here this year. There was almost no rain yet and we are still wearing sandals and short sleeved shirts, and it's November already! How's winter doing where you are? Do ...
by jade
Resort opening dates for 2011/12 winter
Boreal "Hang in there gang. This snow was just a teaser, not enough to open with, but got plenty of stoke in the air. Our target opening date is still October 31st, but looks like we have some great ...
by PerryRObray
Are you getting ready for winter?
I'm writing because I envy all of you who live where there's a real winter. We don't have snow here at all. Every year I need to plan my vacations ahead, to have the chance to enjoy my snowboard for ...
by jade
Winter Park Resort Colorado
For the best lodging in Winter Park and Grand County, Spend your next Snowboarding trip at Winter Park Resort or SolVista Basin. Condos/Townhomes, Homes, and Hotel Rooms. Lift tickets and ski ...
by pixelchic
The lions den, winter sports movie, Saturday 11/13/2010 free lift ticket to resort
... urday 11/13/2010 at 7pm the doors open at the Horizon casino to watch some music and the lions den winter sports movie. If I remember correctly this is mostly if not entirely a Tahoe locals ...
by PerryRObray
Winter Driving: Differentials
I just got a Jeep a while back, and I'm stoked to have a 4WD for those sleeepery mountain roads. I'm thinking of getting limited-slip differentials (LSD's) and/or locking differentials (lo
by tinwood
Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics
Do you have a favorite snowboarder for the winter Olympics? Just saw the picture of the US team some uploaded and was reminded to ask it. ...
by admin
I'm moved to Colorado this winter to learn how to snowboard. I started on a...
I'm moved to Colorado this winter to learn how to snowboard. I started on a burton Ltr 149 board and took some lessons and have progressed since I began. I started on bunny hills and made my way to ...
by starr0shine
Is the 2014/15 winter in the central Sierra Nevada mountains(Tahoe) going to snow?
... rediction Center has issued an El Niño watch as forecast models show signs of warming before a wet winter. But it’s still “a little too early to tell” whether or not the region will actually ...
by PerryRObray
2018 Winter Olympics at South Korea PyeongChang 2018 - What is the plan? (Technical Film)
by PerryRObray
Tahoe Snowcial -- The Winter Event for the Facebook/YouTube Generation, January 6 - 9, 2011
Tahoe Snowcial -- The Winter Event for the Facebook/YouTube Generation The worlds of digital storytelling, snowsports and technology will converge on Heavenly Mountain Resort January 6 - 9, 2011 for ...
by PerryRObray
Re: Size 11 boots on a 250 width board? 1inch overhang
All right, cool. I really don't want to return this board so I think I'm gonna try and work with it. So if I do encounter toe and heel drag is this just going to slow me down on turn or is my boot ...
by BurtonBlunt420
Re: Are burton boards that good?
Coming from a guy whose username is the biggest winter sport marketing tool EVER. Sorry, i hate burton. And am a fan of most any other rider than shaun...
by Jdblax444
ESPN list of winter sport colleges
Looks like western U.S.A. and the northeast U.S.A. (New England) dominate the college scene.
by PerryRObray
Tahoe Nordic Search & Rescue Team, "WINTER AWARE" This might be the best 35 or so minutes of educational video you will ever see. The biggest names in backcountry snowboarding shred for your ...
by PerryRObray
What is the weather during the winter olmypics when they are...
what is the weather during the winter olmypics when they are snow boarding
by Guest
Re: Is snowboarding like skateboarding
... breezz, it was ordinary surfing on a 9' long board that i was doing. actually still do. in a 5,4,3 winter steamer. the water temp is 9c and the air is 5 at the minute on our north caoast. it's a bit ...
by adam8642
The World's Largest Indoor Ski Resort
Start building now, you are a genius. Thank you from all the winter athletes stuck in a summer state.
by Trey Moore
Re: Could a size 13(US) ride a regular board?
I've heard a lot of great praise for a dual camber rocker. Seems if a person wants a one board does all and is biased toward the pow, it appears they are unbeatable at the moment. Want to be careful ...
by PerryRObray
Re: Closest ski resort to Denver Airport?
DIA to Winter Park: 87 miles DIA to Georgetown (Loveland Ski Area): 66 miles Loveland is closer to DIA than Winter Park.
by Britneyspears
Re: Thirty Two X Crab Grab Snowboard For Sale
Sold it last winter , sorry boys!
by Blud22
Western U.S.A. weather pattern for 2009/2010
10/14/2009 Who is this El Niño guy? And what will he do with our winter? By Adam Jensen <email> LAKE TAHOE — Predictions of an El ...
by PerryRObray
Re: Snowboarding on acid!
I'm 22 oldboarder, and I never "dissed" a mod. It is a sad thing that a life can be taken for such a stupid, needless thing. Psychedelic drugs have actually made me appreciate my life more. They ...
by BurtonBlunt420
What should one look for when buying a snowboard?
Probably going to be a great snowpack. January should be full tilt off trail cruising. About 4 years ago there was a similar winter at Tahoe. Huge season for backcountry ventures.
by PerryRObray
Re: How much is a barely used Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro-model snowboard worth? J...
... ice, and it's barely ridden. Keep trying to get $300 for it. You may need to wait until just before winter ...
by quikboarder93
How to store my snowboard?
Winter is at its end and we will soon have to store our boards until the next season. How to store our boards properly? What should be done before storing it?
by jade
Re: Starting Up New Boarding Company
... ction/ski_snowboard_industry_overview/index.htmlThe above page shows some numbers from 2006/2007 on winter resort use. According to the stats, resorts are decreasing in number, while the ...
by PerryRObray
Re: What board do you ride
$50 boards look like moving, or desert sale items. I bought that Barfoot 155 stealth that is probably pure carbon for $40 in the summer time at a yard sale in Tahoe. It even had some Burton custom ...
by PerryRObray
Re: Cleaning ?????
... fective method of keeping the base properly lubed. I snowboarded Snow Summit resort 135 days in one winter this way, another 60 days or so ...
by PerryRObray
End of Season Snowboard Care
... my first season using my own snowboard and I want to make sure I store it away properly until next winter. I assume I shouldnt just swap it out in place of my surf board, so I am looking for tips ...
by NowMarker
Re: Opening Day!!!
No I've never ridden colorado...My friend is working in aspen this winter so I may go out then.
by davebawx
Re: Lake Tahoe VS Colorado
i think vail is wayy better, lake tahoe is basiclly for bigginers and it has a better view bus vail is still best ski resort in the world... and the back bowls are amazing the snow in lake tahoe ...
by valbeck
Re: I'm settin up a mini park in my front yard!
Yeah backyard parks rule. I have a long hill in my backyard and we set up at park last winter, up/down box and then big ol booter. This winter I'm doing box, small 10 foot flatbar, then big 15 foot ...
by davebawx
Uta Idaho snowboarding spots
Hi Myself and a couple of friends from Australia will be in the states toward winter, and would love to have all the information way before we get there. Anyway, we are all into snowboarding and i ...
by Vicki
Re: What to wear as a base layer?
... ean nice soaking wet cotton? Anyway, I just offered my advice and trust me; I've been out on a cold winter day more than ...
by cheftim
Re: 153 cm Lib Tech Snowboard - Travis Rice Pro Model **FOR SALE**
BOARD IS STILL FOR SALE!!! Get it before winter comes!!!
by Laramie502
Re: Lake tahoe? rent a car or take shuttle from Reno?
won`t need a car. But if you want to venture out to other nearby skiing or do some sight seeing, a car would be very helpful. An interesting day diversion is a trip to the North Shore by boat. I`ve ...
by sueorrob
Re: Does Ride Mean Skateboard Or Snowboard?
... I'm guessing more people in the northern hemisphere are riding skateboards than snowboards as most winter lift assisted snow resorts might be closed at the ...
by PerryRObray
Re: Hey Australians, where do you go snowboarding?
At least 3 resorts around here has plans to have winter sports operating on July 4th!
by PerryRObray

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